Jesse Ososki Art, Inc. is a small design build construction company located in the San Francisco Bay area. We specialize in residential home remodel, design, and construction for both interiors and exteriors. We also excel at designing and fabricating custom metalwork for interior and exterior applications.


Our general contracting services have been focused primarily on kitchen and bathroom remodels and new home additions. We have successfully designed and implemented new landscapes and installed hardscape for many of our clients.
We also provide custom metalwork services, as Jesse’s schooling is in fine art and metal sculpture. We have provided many custom pieces for clients, including designing and creating metal furniture, architectural features, custom handrails/guardrails, and commissioned sculpture.

Jesse Ososki

Owner, Jesse Ososki, is a California state licenses general contractor, with over 20 years in the design and construction field. He has a wide variety of design and build experience starting with his early career in music video set design and construction in the 1990s. Jesse incorporated in 2005, and in the same year, began tackling large-scale home renovations.



Mario Contreras (brother of Raul) has been working with us since 2009. He hails from Pachuca, Mexico, and has been in the construction industry for 16 years. He cut his teeth in the industry installing counter tops, working with stone, and painting. Having started in areas where perfection is the goal, he has developed an incredible eye for finish.


Raul Contreras (brother of Mario) become a part of our organization in 2012. Leaving his hometown of Pachuca Mexico at the age of 24 to come to the United States and make a life here has given him a unique perspective that brings to work everyday; a deep understanding of the value of things and the value of a hard day’s work.


Alex Granados (informally adopted brother of Raul and Mario) has worked with us since 2011. Having trained as a framer he is solid and reliable crew chief with a solid foundation in construction. He spent his journeyman time working with various expert framing crews through out the bay area and on diverse and varied projects.


Tio Roberto Guzman (Alex’s uncle) is our veteran employee. He has been in the construction field for 34 years. From El Salvador, he is our wise construction sage, and his vast wealth of experience and expertise astounds us regularly. Within the company, many want to be his assistant, as they know they will learn something new almost daily.

Luis Hernandez

Luis has been working with us since about 2016, also hailing from El Salvador like some of our other guys.  He is a very experienced and seasoned problem solver and builder, and is on the same level as all of our main guys as far as experience, abilities, and attitude.

Jorge Cardenas

Jorge has been with us pretty much from the beginning.  He is our silent hero.  His ability to manage a workload and expertise in construction helps us on the smallest jobs to the biggest. He has an endless capacity to help and support all of us.